Prize of President of the Republic of Professional Journalist awarded to 12 winners


The Prize of the President of the Republic of the professional journalist, in its fourth edition, was awarded Monday night in Algiers to 12 winners, exercising in different media outlets, selected from 286 files received.

Placed this year under the theme “Living together in peace”, the prize instituted on May 3, 2015 by the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, on the occasion of the International Press Day, was awarded to the successful candidates, in presence of the Minister of Communication, Djamel Kaouane, former Foreign Minister and diplomat Lakhdar Brahimi, members of the government, senior state officials, press managers and many journalists.

The first prize in the television category was awarded to the journalist of the Public Television Company (EPTV), Naima Manhour for her documentary “The continuous cohabitation”, while the second prize went to Kahina Acherchour of the same company for her documentary entitled “Thaghmats (the fraternity)”, while the third prize went to Souhila Hrayria from the same channel, also for her documentary “the footbridges of peace.

The first prize in the print category was awarded to journalist Nour El Houda Taibi of the Arabic-language newspaper Ennasr for her paper on the “children of Syrian refugees”, the second to Cherif Abdedaim of the newspaper La Nouvelle République for his article entitled “Facebook and Living Together”, while the third prize went to Lydia Ait Akli and Aziza Mahdid for their article “The university and the national service, example of living together”.

Regarding radio category, the first prize was awarded to Nawel Arar of channel I for her report on “housing and living together”, while the second prize went to Kamel Mhidi of Radio El Bahdja for his work  “sport, a tool for living together”, while the third prize was won by Salem Kheloui of Tizi Ouzou’s local radio for his report entitled “Thagmats (fraternity)”.

As long as electronic press is concerned, the second prize was awarded to Lounes Guermoul of the national radio for his paper “living together: the experience of Tiferdoud”, while the second and third prizes have not been awarded.

During the ceremony, t
he diplomat and former foreign minister, Lakhdar Brahimi, the writer Ahmed Benssada, the director of the Africa-Asia magazine, Madjid Naama, the Sahrawi journalist Mehtadj Salek El Bashir, the Sahrawi ambassador to Algeria, Abdelkader Taleb Omar, South African journalist, Jean Jack Corniche, Ambassador of South Africa to Algeria, Denis Topozani and that of Palestine, Louai Aissa have been awarded.

In addition, merit and recognition Medals were awarded posthumously to 14 media personalities, namely; Rachida Hamadi of Algerian TV, Sid Ali Benmechiche, Mokhtar Haider and Mouloud Ait Kaci of APS, Mohamed Abderahmani, Mohamed Mikati and Halim Mokdad of El Moudjahid, Yamina Zerrouk and Ali Aboud of the Algerian Radio, Abderahman Bettache and Yasmine Dridi of the Evening of Algeria, Professor Brahim Brahimi, first Dean of the School of Journalism and Information Sciences, Naima Hamouda of the African Revolution and Saida Djabali of El Hayat El Arabia.

In addition, Mr. Kaouane and the Minister of Post, Telecommunications and Digital Technologies, Imane Houda Feraoun have issued a postage stamp on this occasion.






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