Algerian terrorist leader threatens France in new Al-Qaeda video


A dangerous Algerian terrorist has threatened France in a new propaganda video released by the “Support Group for Islam and Muslims”, a terrorist organization formed in March 2017  which regroups several groups affiliated to Al -Qaeda in the Sahel.


Entitled “And the battle continues …”, this new video released yesterday, produced by  agency Az-Zallaqa, attacks violently and particularly France.

In the 21st minute video, we can see the Algerian terrorist Yahia Abu Al-Hammam, whose real name is Djamel Okacha. The latter is a native of the commune of Reghaïa, east of Algiers, and joined the terrorist groups at a very young age, until becoming AQIM emir of the Sahel.

“We say to Christian France, which is still trying to arm the armies against us and make new alliances, that everything you do will only encourage us to continue on the path of Jihad,” he said.

“We are close to the confrontation. Even if all the disbelieving nations gathered against us, we will not withdraw. ”

In this aspect, the terrorist Yahya Abu Al-Hammam praises this alliance that brings together several small terrorist groups. He believes that this new organization formed in the Sahel as the “Support Group for Islam and Muslims, scares the West.”

As a reminder, Djamel Okacha was imprisoned in 1995 in Algeria for links with the GIA (Armed Islamic Group). Close to Abdelmalek Droukdel, he joined the GSPC (Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat) since its creation in 1998.






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