Finance bill 2019: No new taxes, slight rise in budgetary revenues, operational budget


The finance bill 2019, adopted Wednesday by the Council of Ministers, does not contain any new tax and foresees a slight increase in budgetary revenues and operational budget.


“No new tax or increase of public benefits is proposed in the draft budget law for 2019,” said the communiqué of the Council of Ministers, held under the presidency of the President of the Republic, Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

This bill was drafted on the basis of a “prudent” macroeconomic framework with a price of oil at $ 50 per barrel, a growth rate of 2.6% and an inflation rate of 4.5%.

In its budget section, the text forecasts budgetary revenues of 6.508 billion AD (billion dinars), slightly higher than those of 2018, including 2.714 billion dinars of petroleum taxation.

As for the budgetary expenditures, they will amount to 8.557 billion AD, slightly lower than those of 2018.

Regarding the operational budget, it is estimated at 4.954 billion AD “with a slight increase resulting from the security situation at the borders as well as the increase of social transfers which will reach 1.763 billion AD (nearly 21% of the total budget of the State).

The budgeted appropriations for social transfers will cover more than 445 billion AD for family support, nearly 290 billion AD for pensions, nearly 336 billion dinars for public health policy, and more than 350 billion dinars for public housing policy.

The overall balance of the Treasury for the 2019 financial year will show a deficit of nearly 2,200 billion AD.

For the capital budget, it will amount to  3 602 AD billion in payment appropriations and 2.600 billion AD in program authorizations for new projects or revaluations.





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