23rd SILA: Thousand publishers from 47 countries, China guest of honor


Nearly a thousand Algerian and foreign publishers from 47 countries will take part in the 23rd International Book Fair of Algiers (SILA), scheduled for October 29 to November 10 at the Palais des Expositions ” Expositions’ Palace” with China as guest of honor, announced the event’s commissioner.

Hamidou Messaoudi, who was speaking at the forum of the newspaper Echaâb, said that 970 publishing houses, including 271 Algerian ones, will participate in this literary meeting which will highlight the literature of China, present with 3,000 titles in Arabic and English.

The invitation of China, a country that had supported the struggle of the Algerian people for independence, coincides with the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Sino-Algerian relations.

With 300,000 titles in various fields including literature, history and science, the SILA will also host 70 Algerian authors, added the commissioner.

In addition to the conferences and round tables, the SILA  is planning a series of tributes to Algerian cultural figures, such as; Abdellah Cheriet, Said Boutadjine, Abu Kassem Saad Allah and the writer and archivist, Mourad Bourboune, screenwriter of the film ” Larbi Ben M’hidi”, a feature film in the final stages of production.

Referring to the increase in the prices of stand rental  for exhibitors at the show, the official  said that this increase was dictated by “difficult circumstances”, driven by the economic situation in Algeria.

“The administration of the SILA pays to the Safex (Algerian Society of Fairs and Exhibitions) 3,000 AD per square meter bare (undeveloped) which, after development, is increased  to 5970,000 AD,” explained the commissioner, adding that “the electricity bill, alone, costs 6 billion AD”, payable by the administration of the SILA.





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