Angela Merkel hails Algeria’s role in settling conflicts in Libya, Mali


German Chancellor Angela Merkel, on Monday in Algiers, highlighted Algeria’s role in the establishment of peace and security in a region torn by conflicts. She notably highlighted the Algerian efforts to settling crises in Mali and Libya.

“Algeria, the largest country in Africa, shares more than 6,000 km of borders with neighboring countries that are experiencing security problems,” the German official said during a press conference, jointly hosted with Prime Minister, Ahmed Ouyahia, emphasizing the role of “Algeria in setlling conflicts in Mali and Libya.”

Merkel said that her country “shares” the same position of Algeria, namely; the efforts to achieve an “internal solution to resolve the Libyan crisis.

For her, “it is in the interest of Algeria and Germany that the Libyan conflict be resolved” because Libya’s stability means security in the neighboring countries starting from Algeria and reaching countries close to Europe.

Highlighting the efforts of Algeria to resolve crises in Mali and Western Sahara, the German Chancellor underlined that she is “pleased” to know that the work undertaken by former German President Horst Kôhler, as Special Envoy of the United Nations SG for Western Sahara, be “assessed very positively”.

The German chancellor was welcomed, upon her arrival in Houari-Boumediene International Airport,  by Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia, and members of the government.

Merkel was received by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia, Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel, Minister of the Interior, Local Authorities and National Planning Nourredine Bedoui, and Minister of Industry and Mining Youcef Yousfi were present at the audience.


This visit, part of the high level bilateral dialogue “is meant to reinforce the relations of friendship and cooperation that exist between Algeria and Germany, and which are significantly growing in all the fields, reflected in the numerous visits by the two countries’ senior officials.”






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