Brief on Algerian-Emirati bilateral cooperation in various spheres

سمو الشيخ عبدالله بن زايد يستقبل وزير الشؤون الخارجية الجزائري.

Algeria and United Arab Emirates “UAE” will ink several agreements of cooperation, during the 14th Algerian-Emirati Joint Committee, due to be held on 17 – 18 September in Algiers, with a view to further boost Algerian-Emirati relations.

What characterizes Algerian-Emirati economic ties is the accelerated pace of cooperation as Algerian-Emirati investments have, since 2014, undergone a new orientation towards the sectors of industry, pharmacy, transport, higher education, energy … etc.

In this sense, several legal documents were signed in May 2014 by the two countries, including a partnership contract between the Saidal group and the Djefar company in the field of the pharmaceutical industry, an executive program in the field of management of archives for the years 2014-2016, in addition to a cooperation agreement between the Algerian Press Agency and his Emirati counterpart, a memorandum of understanding in the sector of youth and sports and another one on equivalence of diplomas from Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The Emirati investments include $ 5 billion aluminum refinery at Beni Saf, the Tiaret milk production project and the 1,200-megawatt Hadjret El Nos power station project.

In addition, the year 2017 was marked by a new dynamic of cooperation in the field of industry and mining, with the identification of the main areas of common interest, namely; the mechanical industry, waste treatment, subcontracting and the aluminum industry.


In the field of mechanical engineering, Algeria and the UAE are linked by important partnerships that resulted in the creation in 2012 of three mixed-capital companies. These include the Algerian heavy truck production company Mercedes-Benz / SPA in Rouiba, the manufacturing of Mercedes-Benz / SPA vehicles in Tiaret and the manufacture of German-branded engines (Mercedes -Benz, Deutz and MTU / SPA) in Oued Hamimine (Constantine).

In addition, a new Algerian-Emirati plant for the manufacture and processing of steel was created in Relizane. This $ 300 million project produces more than one (1) million tonnes of steel annually.

A new Algerian-Emirati joint venture for steel production will also see the light soon in Annaba under the name “Emirate Dzayer Steel”, after the participation council agreed in March 2018 on the completion of the project worth 1.6 billion euros.

In April 2017, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Algerian and Emirati space agencies for the exchange of expertise and technical experience, improvement of the technical level and support for training.

In the field of agriculture, Algerian-Emirati relations have been marked by the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the “Agrodiv” group and the Emirati company “Elite Agro LLC”, with a view to developing pilot farms for the production of cereals, fodder, fruits and vegetables.

The field of higher education has also witnessed the intensification of scientific and educational visits for the benefit of experts and teachers, while allowing postgraduate students to participate in various seminars and conferences organized at the level of Algerian and Emirati universities.

Algeria and the United Arab Emirates have been working since October 2017 to reactivate the tourism cooperation agreement, signed in 2007, through the creation of a commission to monitor its implementation.

In May 2013, the Algerian-Emirati Economic Cooperation also signed a number of conventions on trade, air and maritime transport, a memorandum of understanding on the administrative procedures relating to the application of the treaty of non-duplication signed on 24 April 2001, as well as the cooperation agreement in the field of air services and the Agreement on maritime transport and ports.

In 2012, a joint Algerian-Emirati investment monitoring commission was set up to take charge of made or under way Algerian-Emirati investments. This commission meets every six months to assess the state of bilateral projects, in addition to the creation of a joint commission of cooperation between Algeria and the United Arab Emirates in 2014.

== Two billion euros of trade ==

According to official figures, the value of trade between Algeria and the United Arab Emirates between 2009 and 2014 amounted to 2 billion euros, with 250 million euros worth of Emirati imports and 740 million euros worth of exports to Algeria.

During the 14th session of the Algerian-Emirati Joint Commission, the leaders of both countries aspire to the creation of new partnerships and the signing of promising memoranda of understanding that would be added to more than forty memoranda and agreements signed between the two parties in different areas.





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