Breathtaking works from 12 countries, including Iran, exhibited at 10th Intl. Festival of Calligraphy, Miniatures


The 10th International Festival of Arabic Calligraphy, Miniatures and Decorative Arts opened, Thursday in Algiers, with the participation of Algerian and foreign designers from different countries, mainly; Iran, Tunisia, Turkey, Syria, Pakistan, etc…

Algerian and foreign designers, from 12 countries, including Iran, are participating in the 10th International Festival of Arabic Calligraphy, Miniatures and Decorative Arts which opened, Thursday in Algiers, in the Moufdi-Zakaria Culture Centre. It will run until 18 September.

On the first day, works of some forty Algerian, Iranian, Tunisian, Egyptian, Turkish and Syrian artists, among others, were exhibited before a large audience who have come to discover the latest creations of this art.

The miniatures of the artist and singer Rabah Dariassa, aroused a great interest among the visitors. In his miniatures, Rabah Dariassa portrated the traditional female costumes, (Kabyle, Algiers …).

The works of  other artists, to wit;  Khaled Sbaa, Abbas Mohamed, Djemai Reda, Ahmed Khalili, Khassef Abdelkrim and Farida Saisse are presented also at the exhihibition.


For their part, an Iranian delegation, made up of Iranian calligraphers and decorative artists, namely; Mahdi Daryabari, Mohamad Nabati and Zeynab Shahi, is taking part in this event, along with other delegations from up to 11 countries, composed of well known artists, like the Egyptian Ihab Ghrib Athmane, the Pakistani Ashraf Mohamed and the Turkish Zaki Sid Oglo.


Present at the opening ceremony, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Culture, Smail Oulebsir, declared that this festival is a “space allowing Algerian artists to meet and exchange their experiences with foreign artists”.


This festival is “very important” because, he added, is an “event that represents, through different forms of art, the identity belonging” to  Algeria and its civilization.


Parallel to the exhibition, lectures on the history of Arabic calligraphy, the miniatures and the plastic arts, are being animated by Algerian and foreign artists and specialists.


In this aspect, the Iranian artist, Mohamad Nabati provided in-dept explanations on different forms of art.

Introductory workshops in pictorial techniques are also on the agenda of the 2018 edition of this festival as artists, such as Zeynab Shahi, presented their works, providing illustriations to the attendees.
On the other hand, a number of Algerian artists were honored, today, Monday, at the Cultural Palace of Moufdi-Zakaria in Algiers. Among the honored artists was the talented singer Rabeh Deriassa. The ceremony took place in the presence of Minister of Culture, Azzedine Mihoubi, as well as high-ranked officials and artists.
 It is worth mentioning that this event will wrap up tomorrow, September, 18, 2018.




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