President Macron to recognize State’s responsibility in Maurice Audin death

Maurice Audin

French President Emmanuel Macron declared his watershed decision to recognize the responsibility of the state in the death of communist mathematician, militant of independence, Maurice Audin.

Audin was arrested on June 11, 1957 in full battle of Algiers and then disappeared without leaving traces.


“The President of the Republic has (…) decided that it was time for the Nation to do a truth work on this subject, will announce the Elysee in a text to be unveiled Thursday, September 13. He acknowledged, in the name of the French Republic, that Maurice Audin had been tortured and then executed or tortured to death by soldiers who had arrested him at his home. “


The family of the militant has awaited this step for sixty-one years. On June 18, 2014, François Hollande took the floor by acknowledging that Maurice Audin had not escaped, unlike the official version, and had died in detention. However, President Nicolas Sarkozy, did not even answer the letter that Josette Audin, the widow of the academic, now 87 years old, had sent him to the Elysee.








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