Cleric Qaradawi’s Algerian ex-wife Ben Qaddah to file lawsuit against Saudi newspaper’Al Riyadh over “blatant slander”- video


The Algerian ex-wife of Qatar-based cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi, Asma Ben Qaddah, has categorically denied, on Saturday, comments attributed to her in a Saudi newspaper about the former couple’s love life.


Asma bint Qaddah has categorically denied comments attributed to her in the Saudi newspaper al-Riyadh, stressing that this article, published on September, 3rd, 2018, is considered as “blatant slander” and “completely devoid of truth”.

Interviewed by Ennahar TV journalist, Qaradawi’s ex-wife pointed out that she has been subjected to a defamation campaign by a Moroccan journalist, called Abdel Haqq Al-Sinaibi.

“I am being subjected to a defamation campaign by a Moroccan journalist who is a mercenary and hypocrite,” Ben Qaddah said.

“He is trying to exploit my name and put me in a conflict that has nothing to do with me,” she said, referring to an ongoing regional feud with Qatar.

In this aspect, Ben Qaddah said she would take legal action and file a lawsuit against Abdel Haqq al-Sinaibi, stressing that she has never met with or spoken to the journalist.

The Saudi daily claimed Ben Qaddah had revealed lurid details of her sex life with prominent cleric Qaradawi.

The article claimed Qaradawi forced his ex-wife to watch pornographic films and encouraged her to have lesbian relations with their housemaid.

Ben Qaddah said the journalist had a “sick imagination”, urging him to seek professional help.

On the other hand, Dr. Ben Qaddah also categorically denied claims attributed to her in a French book, which claimed that she told two French journalists that her ex-husband  paid, previously, a visit to the Zionist Entity, stressing that Qaradawi has spent his life defending the right of the Palestinian people and supporting the Palestinian cause in his own way regardless if this way is correct or not.

Ben Qaddah added that she would also take legal action and file a lawsuit against the two French journalists as well as the book’s writer.

It is worth mentioning that Qaradawi has been considered the spiritual guide of Muslim Brotherhood.








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