El Djeich Magazine: Recent appointments in ANP’s ranks enshrine principle of “Leadership Alternation”


The recent appointments in the ranks of  People’s National Army  (ANP) “enshrine the principle of leadership alternation,” said  El-Djeich magazine for the month of September, noting that the criteria for appointments were determined according to “competence and merit”.

The “El Djeich” Magazine stated  that the recent appointments in the ranks of ANP came “to enshrine the principle of the alternation of making-decisions positions.

According to the Magazine’s latest editorial, the recent appointments are an opportunity to value their rich accumulated experience, encouraging valiant militants to exert more efforts to dutifully and professionally our National People’s Army which is steadily forging ahead with the help of Allah Almighty.

The source added: “The National People’s Army is imbued with indomitable determination and unswavering will. The valiant ANP is fully confident that it will succeed in achieving the established goals by persisting in this sound approach.

In this regard, “El Djeich” hailed the results achieved by ANP’s detachments, pointing out that these “remarkable results in the sustained fight against the remnants of terrorism as well as organized crime are a telling evidence that the National People’s Army will remain the strong lever.

As part of this unflagging endeavor, “El Djeich” magazine underlined that the ANP Army “is exerting strenuous efforts to enhance the national Armed forces to the level of the Nation’s expectations and aspirations.”





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