FIFA World Ranking: Algeria maintains 66th place


With a total of 1357 points, the Algerian national team maintained 66th place in the monthly ranking of the International Football Federation (FIFA) released Thursday, with a total of 1351 points.


In this aspect, France, 2018 World Champion in Russia, took the lead.

On the continental scene, the ” Greens ” are ranked 12th behind Tunisia (24th), Senegal (24th), the Democratic Republic of Congo (37th), Ghana (45th), Morocco (46th), Cameroon (47th), Nigeria (49th), Burkina Faso (52nd), Mali (63rd), Cape Verde (64th) and Egypt (65th).

The next FIFA World Ranking will be published on September 20, 2018.

Top 10:

1- France 1726 pts (+6)

2- Belgium 1723 pts (+1)

3- Brazil 1657 pts (-1)

4- Croatia 1643 pts (+16)

5- Uruguay 1627 pts (+9)

6- England 1615 pts (+6)

 7- Portugal 1599 pts (-3)

8- Switzerland 1597 pts (-2)

9- Spain 1580 pts (+1)

10- Denmark 1580 pts (+1).





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