Counterterrorism: Cache, containing machine gun, ammunition, discovered in Bordj Badji Mokhtar


A detachment of the People’s National Army (ANP), on Monday, discovered a cache containing a machine gun and ammunition near the border strip in Bordj Badji Mokhtar, announced Tuesday the National Defence Ministry in a communiqué.

As part of the fight against terrorism, a detachment of  People’s National Army in coordination with the Algerian Customs services discovered, on August 13, 2018, during a patrol conducted near Bordj Badji Mokhtar Border Strip , a cache containing a (01) FM-type machine gun, a quantity of ammunition of different calibres, as well as (96.8) kilograms of treated Hashish.

As part of the fight against smuggling and organized crime, a detachment of People’s National Army in coordination with the services of National Security arrested, following an ambush near Beni Ouenif, province of Bechar, two (02) drug traffickers in possession of five (05) quintals and twenty (20) kilograms of treated Hashish, while elements of the National Gendarmerie seized, in Tlemcen, (24) kilograms of the same substance.

On the other hand,  (44) illegal immigrants of different nationalities were intercepted in Tlemcen, Naama and In Guezzam.




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