Child protection, one of key focuses of Algeria’s social policy


Minister of National Solidarity, Family and Women’s Affairs Ghania Eddalia said Thursday that child protection has always been one of the focuses of Algeria’s social policy.

“Child protection was and is still one of the main focuses of Algerian State’s social policy since the early years of independence (1962),” Eddalia said in a ceremony held in honor of orphan children.

The ceremony, attended by the members of the Algerian government, was held to mark the International Children Day (June 1st) and the Orphan Day decreed by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (15th day of the holy month of Ramadan).

“Algeria continues its efforts to reform the legal system and fulfill its international commitments,” the minister said.

She added that those efforts had been “crowned by the promulgation of the Law on Child Protection in July 2015, which has granted a special importance to the protection of children at the social and judicial levels.”

This will is reflected in the revision of the Constitution in 2016, whose Article 72 stresses the determination of the State to protect family and makes family and society also responsible for the protection of children, Eddalia said.

The minister said Algeria “has set up the required mechanisms and plans for the implementation of the National Strategy on Child Protection.

It has also “made the necessary material and human resources available for the supervision of social welfare and the improvement of the care provided to children in distress, in danger, with social problems” as well as “delinquent, disabled and destitute children.”




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