Results of national breast cancer survey to be announced in June


The results of the study on the causes of breast cancer proliferation within the Algerian society would be announced in June, -Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform Mokhtar Hasbellaoui said on Thursday in Algiers.

responding to  a question from a deputy of the province of Setif, during a plenary session at the People’s National Assembly (APN), on the causes of the spread of breast cancer in this province, ranked at the top of the list of the most affected provinces, the minister said that “the results of the study on the causes of proliferation of breast cancer in Algeria will be announced at the first international seminar on cancer that will house Sétif in June 2018”, noting that the study which lasted five years (2011-2016) was conducted by Algerian and foreign researchers.
N.Houda Chabane


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