Algeria-Canada sign partnership agreement to execute pilot project of integrated waste management


The National Agency of Waste (AND) and the public company Sopte, subsidiary of the group Divindus, signed Wednesday, in Algiers, a partnership agreement with a Canadian consortium (Sherbrooke OEM/LID/GGL) for the execution of a pilot project on the integrated management of household and similar waste with low greenhouse gas emissions.

The agreement was initialed by AND Director Mohamed Karim Ouamane, Divindus Group CEO, Fourat Mahdjoub, Sherbrooke OEM President Alain Brasseur, Global Green Links (GGL) President, Smail Ouicher, President of Lakson International Development (LID), Mohammed Lakhmiri, in the presence of the Minister of the Environment and Renewable Energies, Fatima Zahra Zerouati and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry and Mines, Khireddine Medjoubi as well as Canadian Ambassador to Algeria Patricia McCullagh.

N.Houda Chabane




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