Top Tourist Outings: Ath Yenni.. Lovers’ den of Kabyle jewel


Ait Yenni (sometimes Beni Yenni) is a commune of Tizi Ouzou province in Algeria. It is located about 35 km southeast of Tizi Ouzou, in the Kabylie region. At Yenni is a rural commune located in the Kabylie massif whose relief consists of a succession of hills in the foothills of the Djurdjura range which constitutes its northern limit.

The villages are built at the top of the mountain ridges at an altitude of 800 to 900 meters.

The Djurdjura mountain is visible from several villages.
Handicrafts, in the field of jewelery (“kabyles jewels”), is the main and ancestral economic activity and tourism of the villages of At Yenni.
The municipality organizes every year, in summer, exhibitions and festivities based mainly on the theme of crafts, jewelery, but also basketry and embroidery.

Location: Ath Yenni
Address: Ath Yenni, Tizi Ouzou.
Phone: +213561401083
Facebook account:
From Friday, March 30th, 2018 07:00 to Friday, March 30th, 2018 19:00 (Local time).

You are invited for a guided tour on Friday, March 30th, of the Beni Yenni region, which is itself a confederation of 7 villages located 35Km from the capital of Tizi-Ouzou province and culminating at 900m of altitude known for its Berber jewelry.

The village • At Yanni • celebrates the Berber spring, from March 27th to 31st, 2018.

Day’s program:

-Exhibition / sale Floral.

-Exhibition / sale of dishes based on local traditional culinary art.

-Exposure / sale of local products (olive oil, honey, cheese).

– Launching of the workshops (Theater, Dance, Recycling, Conte, Chant …..).

Adult price: 1300 DZD

Special price for schoolchildren: 500 DZD

Special student price: 700 DZD, with presentation of the student card at the start of the trip.

Rates include:

▫️- Return transport

▫️-Guide and assistance during the day.

Departure: Friday, March 30th at 7:00 (Local time).

Return: Friday March 30th estimated at 19:00 (Local time).

The meeting point: In a parking lot opposite the Ruisseau Court.
Reservations are made by sending an SMS to the following number: 0561 40 10 83.

Samira SALAH



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