Weather-Alert: Rain, thunderstorms, strong winds on North’s 14 provinces


Algeria – Bad weather expected, as of tonight, on the country’s north, especially the central and western parts.

Rains, sometimes in the form of stormy showers, will affect provinces in the center and west of the country, as from that night on Saturday, March 17th, said the national office of meteorology in a ‘BMS’.
The concerned provinces are Algiers, Blida, Boumerdes, Tizi-Ouzou, Bouira (North), Tipaza, Oran, Mostaganem, Chlef, Mascara, Relizane, Tiaret (North), Tissemsilt (North) and Ain Defla, added the ‘BMS’.

The bulletin will remain valid, from Sunday at midnight until Monday at 06:00 (Local time). Estimated cumulative rainfall will locally exceed 40mm, during this bulletin’s validity.

Samira SALAH


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