Energy: Local authorities consume over 80% of national production


“More than 80% of the energy produced in the country is consumed by the local authorities”, said Thursday Minister of Energy, Mustapha Guitouni, calling for intensifying campaigns on energy consumption rationalization.

“The leaders and managers of local communities are called, by their proximity to the citizen, to make more efforts in terms of awareness on the imperative to rationalize energy consumption”, said the Minister.

The rationalization of energy consumption in local communities is of crucial importance, given the volume of the bill of 1541 municipalities in the state budget, the official added.

Referring to energy efficiency, Mr. Guitouni said “we have to live up to the requirements through the rationalization of consumption levels and energy improvement, especially in public and administrative buildings, social housing, schools and mosques as well as in public lighting as major consumer sites.

These steps, he added in this aspect, will contribute to a better management of energy resources and will allow local authorities to reallocate the funds covering the consumption not currently controlled to the financing of local projects; such as renovation and the commissioning of public lighting networks by renewable energies.

Samira SALAH



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