Tourism in Algeria’s Sahara: Timimoun, oasis known for red ochre color of its buildings


Timimoun is a vast Sahara desert, characterized by its shifting sand dunes, palm groves, and much-needed salt lake. It is also known as Ksour.

Timimoun is situated in the middle of the Gourrara region, which is a part of the Grand Erg Occidental between palm groves and a salt lake in a little desert oasis. It lies at an elevation of around 288 metres (945 ft) in the Gourara region of northern Adrar province.

It is one of the most uninhabitable parts of the Sahara given its shifting sand dunes.

Regarding its architecture, it is similar to that found in Taghit – the intense, red mud walls that are widely characteristic of Sudanese architecture.

However, the architecture in the newer part of the town is influenced by French style.

In the old part of the region, called “ksour” as mentioned before, most of the houses are built of red mud in a style known as “Sudanese Architecture”. The streets between them are narrow and, in true desert fashion, are shaded over by large sheets of cloth so that passing pedestrians can have some sort of relief from the blazing sun.

On the other hand, the palmeraie, which is worth visiting place, is characterized by mud walls that are too high to see over and the shade of the palm trees provides welcome relief.


Timimoun is characterized by extremely hot summers and warm winters. rains fall throughout the year.

The annual temperature almost reaches 25 °C (77 °F).


Timimoun is served by Timimoun Airport,  which is about 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) southeast of the town.

In addition, regional roads can link people in the region with the various surrounding provinces.






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