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Algiers  is the capital and largest city of Algeria.It is located on the Mediterranean Sea and in the north-central portion of Algeria.Here are the best places to discover in Algiers



The heart of the city is its ancient Casbah, a steep and narrow maze of streets just west of the Pl des Martyrs. There are several magnificent Ottoman palaces to explore here, most concentrated around the Djemaa Ketchoua at the end of Rue Ahmed Bouzrina; the finest is the Dar Hassan Pacha

This fiercely traditional neighborhood saw some of the most bitter fighting during the Battle of Algiers . Today the Casbah is fine to walk around, but exercise caution with personal belongings and avoid going there at night. Hiring a guide (ask at your hotel) is not a bad idea.


National Museum of Antiquities:

The richness of Algeria’s heritage is brought home in this museum. The collection of antiquities is drawn from sites around the city and throughout Algeria. Among the early works are fine ivory carvings and large, totemic Libyan-period warriors on horseback. There is sculpture from Cherchell and mosaics from Tipaza, a room of bronzes including a wonderful fragment of a horse’s leg and hoof, and an extraordinary 3rd-century figure of a chubby child holding an eagle to its chest.

There is also a collection of Islamic art from across the Maghreb. The museum sits within the same compound and entry is included with the same ticket.

Le Caïd:

This classy, intimate and laid-back restaurant is perhaps the best place in Algiers to eat gourmet versions of local classics. It’s best known for its mechoui, delicious slow roasted lamb on the bone. It also does salads , on Wednesday and Thursday, a rich paella. , and live music upstairs (jazz on Wednesday and Thursday and classical Algerian on Friday).

Cafe-Restaurant El Salam:

A handy place to eat when exploring the Casbah district, this cheap locals favourite serves traditional home cooking that can be hard to find elsewhere. Try the grilled sardines, various kebabs and, if you’re feeling game, the sheep brain in a tomato sauce. Wash it all down with the delicious homemade lime juice. Before 10am only coffee and breakfast is served.

Dar Hassan Pacha:

Carrying the name of its original owner, Dar Hassan Pacha, this is one of the city’s grandest mansions. The building now houses a collection of illuminated manuscripts and contemporary calligraphy by artists from across North Africa and the Middle East.

Hassan Pacha was the ruler of Algiers and a man with a sense of purpose .

Bardo Museum of Prehistory & Ethnography:

The Bardo, which focuses on the prehistory of Algeria, is one of the best museums in Algiers. The collection is well-displayed with videos, models and excellent diagrams and information panels (in French) that reveal how the climate and environment of the region have changed over the eons and how that has affected human and wildlife development. There are lots of fossils, neolithic pottery, rock carvings and examples of Neanderthal paintings from the Sahara.

Emerging from the museum, head up the tiled steps to the ‘Summer Palace’, an Ottoman-era palace of courtyards, fountains and sub-tropical gardens. It’s within the same compound as the museum and included in the entry price.

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