IWD 2018: 52,000 women led micro-enterprises in Algeria

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Algerian women have started their own businesses in Algeria due to the launch of Ansej and Cnac.

More than 22 per cent of the investments made by the Anem National Employment Agency in the labor market in 2017 have benefited women, according to the Ministry of Labor.
The same source said that of the total investments made for women, 41,423 are traditional investments and 34,581 others are part of the Daip vocational integration scheme, while  21,170 placements have been carried out under the CTA-assisted work contracts.

Regarding the applications for integration into the labor market, the Director General of Employment and Integration of the Ministry Foudil Zaidi said that the number reached a total of 1,919,982 applications at the Anem, of which 354,475 were filed by women.
Referring to the situation of the projects of activities carried out within the framework of the National Ansej Youth Employment Support Agency and the Cnac National Unemployment Insurance Fund, Foudil Zaidi specified that “7,746 projects were completed in 2017 , having generated 18,104 jobs, including 1,346 created by women, with a rate of 17%, while this rate did not exceed 2% during the 2000s.

Since the launch of these two Ansej and Cnac projects, the cumulative balance sheet at January 31, 2018 shows the creation of 514,908 microenterprises, generating 1,186,204 jobs, of which 52,237 were created by women, an average rate of 10%, pointed out the same official.
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