Education Ministry to launch consultation to schedule BAC date


The Ministry of Education will launch “wide consultation” to set the date for the examination of the baccalaureate for the 2017/2018 school year, said Wednesday the sector’s Minister, Nouria Benghabrit.

“In order to ensure the best conditions for students, the Ministry of National Education, in agreement with the social partners, will launch a wide consultation to set the date for the baccalaureate’s examination”, said Ms. Benghabrit on her Facebook page.

The consultation will focus on maintaining the date of this review scheduled for June 3 to 7, or its change for the period from 19th to 24th June, 2018, said the Minister after meeting with social partners.

Ms. Benghabrit met with representatives of the National Federation of Education Workers (FNTE), the National Union of Autonomous Personnel of Public Administration (SNAPAP), the National Union of the common bodies and professional workers of the National Education (SNCCOPEN), the National Union of Autonomous Teachers of Primary Education (SNAPEP), the National Federation of Parents’ Associations (FNAPE), as well as the National Association of Parents of Pupils (ANPE).

It is worth mentioning that the meeting focused on the examination of socio-occupational demands, as well as the impact of the teachers’ strike on students’ schooling.

Samira SALAH



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