“Tin Hinan epic, the queen of the desert” presented in Algiers



“Tin Hinan epic, the queen of the desert”, a choreographic dance performance that restores a stage in the life of the sovereign, was presented, Thursday evening in Algiers, by the cultural association “Plein air” of Boudouaou (Boumerdès ), in front of a very few public.

Hosted at the Moufdi-Zakaria Culture Palace, the show, directed by Djamel Zenagui, who also designed the choreographic and scenography features, represents, in 90 minutes, the journey of Tin Hinan, forced to leave the kingdom of her father in the region of Tafilalet (southeastern Morocco now), after being attacked by the army of the Roman emperor Constantine in the fifth century.
In a highly aesthetic visual spectacle, rendered in six paintings where the expression of the body has been substituted for the dialogues, 22 dancers, including six ballerinas, have described, by the grace of the movement and the beauty of the gesture, the heroic and sublime character of Tin Hinan, “the one who comes from far away” in Tamachek (variant of the Amazigh language), in her epic that will take her to Abalessa in the Hoggar in Algeria, accompanied by her servant “Takamat”.
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