Aid Groups warn against forcing Syrian refugees to return home


International aid groups, on Monday, warned countries hosting Syrian refugees, in the Middle East and the West, against forcing them to return or discussing measures to that effect.

A report by several leading humanitarian organizations — including the Norwegian Refugee Council and CARE International — spoke of an alarming trend advocating for deportations.

“Hundreds of thousands of refugees are at risk of being pushed to return to Syria in 2018, despite ongoing violence, bombing and shelling that are endangering the lives of civilians,” it said, AFP reported.

The report, entitled “Dangerous Ground”, observed that measures to send refugees back to their homes in Syria were increasingly prominent on the agenda of host countries.

“As the military situation changed in Syria, and against a backdrop of increased anti-refugee rhetoric and policies across the world, governments began in 2017 to openly contemplate the return of refugees to the country”, it said.

Samira SALAH




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