Exclusive – Chery, Higer and Shacman: Sétif factory to deliver vehicles to all Africa


The car assembly plant of EURL GM Trade, which is scheduled to open, in March 2018, in Sétif, will deliver vehicles to all Africa, Dz Breaking has learned.

The GM Trade factory, belonging to the Mazouz Group, will assemble in Setif cars of the Chinese brand Chery, as well as buses and trucks of the Higer and Shacman brands.

The complex that will house this plant has a surface of 320,000 m2, of which 120,000 m2 covered, by highlighting that the complex, the largest in Algeria, will have a subcontracting center.

The Mazouz Group plant will initially produce the city car, Chery QQ, sold in Algeria, especially for its reasonable price.

Samira SALAH


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