Algeria, permanent supporter of liberation issues, Arab nation


The ambassador of Palestine to Algeria, Louai Aissa, said at the closing session of the international seminar entitled “Al Quds (Jerusalem), Al Aqsa Mosque and the Future of the Conflict”, on Saturday, that Algeria “has always supported the liberation issues and the Arab nation”.

“The holding of this meeting represents one of the forms of this constant position of Algeria with regard to the causes of the nation”, said the Palestinian ambassador in a statement to  “APS”, on the sidelines of this meeting of two days held at the house of the Houari Boumediene culture, at the initiative of the association of Algerian ulemas and the wilaya direction of religious affairs, in the presence of the president of the Hamas office in Algeria, the representative of the Embassy of the Republic Saharawi Arab Democratic Party and the president of the Association of Ulemas, Abderazak Guessum.

Samira SALAH



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