Quality school, country’s priority and essential choice


National Education Minister Nouria Benghabrit on Tuesday said that quality school remained “a priority and an essential choice for the country.”


In a speech at the opening of the national conference on pedagogical and didactical alternatives for reading comprehension, Benghabrit affirmed that “the quality school to which we aspire inevitably involves the improvement of teachers’ pedagogical performance and a high level training.”

In addition to the implementation of the training programme, the minister said that teachers needed to be accompanied to fulfill their noble mission through new professional skills.

The results of students’ assessment showed “insufficient competences,” notably in reading comprehension, stated the minister, recalling that the absence of reading comprehension mastery has a dangerous impact on the future of nations living in an increasingly digitized world.

The fact that we know that children understand what they read and memorize, and their attitude after reading a text or a message is a challenge, stressed the minister who also called to pool efforts to back students in mastering the competences of the 21st century.

For Benghabrit, setting up an efficient national education system requires the three mechanisms presented at this conference, namely a general reference on the skills related to reading comprehension, a lexicon with precise operating concepts and a chronogram on the implementation of this mechanism.

The national conference on pedagogical and didactical alternatives took place in the presence of 400 experts, researchers and executives involved in education-related projects and programmes.

The conference is an opportunity for participants to share ideas and experiences, and discuss the adequate means to draft a strategy on the mastery of reading comprehension.

Moreover, this three-day conference includes workshops on several themes such as reading comprehension: concepts, methodology and context, re-reading school curricula, enriching the general matrix of students’ comprehension and the implementation of a trainers’ training system.



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