High speed internet: Faraoun launches FTTH technology from Bouira


The minister of Post, Telecommunications, Technologies and Digital Technology Imane Houda Faraoun officially launched Tuesday, from Bouira, the FTTH technology (fiber to the home), which particularly allows a significant increase in internet speed.


“This new technology allows Internet speeds up to 100Mb / s for residential and 1Gb / s for professionals,” added the official.

Ms. Faraoun, who was on a working visit to this province, said during a press briefing, that the choice of Bouira to launch this new technology “is explained by the fact that the existing network is very old “.

“It is also explained by the geographical characteristics of Bouira which is a mountainous province,” she added.

In addition, the minister announced that FTTH technology “will be expanded soon throughout the national territory”.


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