Algeria says terrorist attacks escalation in Mali attempt to compromise peace process


Algeria, on Sunday, said the terrorist attack that targeted military barracks in Mali is another attempt to undermine and compromise the process of peace and reconciliation in Mali.

“The terrorist escalation, which has been translated these last two days by two deadly attacks is headlong rush of terrorists who, through their disastrous actions and repetitive aggression, are attempting to undermine the peace and reconciliation process that the entire Malian people are calling for”, “APS” news agency quoted as saying spokesperson of Foreign Ministry, Abdelaziz Benali-Cherif.

He further extended condolences to the families of the victims and reiterated Algeria’s solidarity with the peoples and governments of Mali and Burkina Faso.

“Algeria, which has paid a heavy price to defeat terrorism, is convinced that the resilience and mobilization of the Malian people and security forces will eventually overcome terrorism and its allies involved in crime networks, including trafficking of all kinds”, the same official concluded.

It should be noted that at least, fourteen Malian soldiers were killed, on Saturday, in an attack on their military camp in northern Mali, local media reported.

Samira SALAH



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