Import bill of milk, sugar up in 2017


The imports bill of milk and dairy products, sugar and pulses recorded a rise in the year 2017, the Customs told APS.


The Food Group’s import bill increased to $ 8.44 billion in 2017 (up from $ 8.22 billion in 2016), an increase of almost 2.6%, highlighted the National Center for Customs Information and Statistics (CNIS).

However, in the main food products, only cereal and meat imports declined.

Thus, cereals (durum wheat, soft …), semolina and flour were imported for an amount of 2.77 billion dollars (US $ bn) against 2.81 billion usd, down 1.34%.

Meat was imported for $ 188.47 million compared to $ 233.34 million, a decrease of 19.23%

The import bill for milk and dairy products jumped to 1.41 billion dollars in 2017 against 985.1 million dollars in 2016, an increase of 43.11%.

The same upward trend is observed for pulses whose imports amounted to 450.5 million dollars against 356.82 million dollars, an increase of 26.25%.

As for the import bill for sugars and sweets, it reached 1.03 billion US dollars against 912.25 million dollars, up 13.4%.

For coffee and tea, they were imported for $ 423.3 million against $ 396 million, an increase of nearly 7%.




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