Iveco’s car assembly plant operational late 2018


Iveco’s car assembly plant, based in an industrial estate of Bouira, will come into operation, on 31 December 2018, the chief executive officer of Algerian group Ival-Industries said, Tuesday. 

The date of receipt of this project, originally planned for 2019 or 2020, has been “advanced”, following the multiplication of the pace of its realization, said Mohamed Bairi, in a statement to the press, on the sidelines of a ceremony reception of Italy’s ambassador to Algeria, Ferrara Pasqual.

The pace of construction of this plant, carried out 100% with Algerian capital, by its promoter Ival-Industry, was “significantly increased” following the replacement of the company in charge, said Mr. Bairi, stating that the new realization company “works in H 24 to ensure delivery within the aforementioned deadlines”.

Samira SALAH



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