The Minister of Education partakes in World Education Forum in London


The Minister of Education, Nouria Benghabrit, will partake, in the World Education Forum, in London.

This forum will take place, from 22 to 23 January, said Sunday, the ministry of Education in a communiqué.

According to a statement by the ministry, it stressed that this international meeting have to discuss the challenges and issues sector.

“It will be an opportunity to share experiences and modernize the educational program, pedagogical and technological innovation”, the statement added.

“This meeting in the field of education is also an important feminist gathering for ministers and professionals from all over the world”, It highlighted.

Meanwhile, the same official will participate in various meetings and activities programmed by the meeting, where she will have the opportunity to present the Algerian experience in the educational reforms that have been conducted for several years, especially regarding the formation of teachers and improve their level.

Samira SALAH



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