5+5 dialogue: Call for promotion of international cooperation to face terrorism, illegal immigration


The participants in the 7th high level meeting of the parliaments of State members of the 5+5 Dialogue called, Saturday, in Algiers, for the promotion of international cooperation, as so to face the phenomena of terrorism, violent extremism and illegal immigration.

At the opening of the proceedings of the 7th High Level Meeting of the Parliaments of the Western Mediterranean Dialogue Group (5 + 5), the Vice President of the Mediterranean Parliamentary Association, Taher Kellil, representing the Presidents of the two Chambers of the Algerian parliament, affirmed that current challenges, like development, technology transfer, the realization of the aspirations of youth, as well as the fight against violent extremism, terrorism, illegal immigration, the Organized Crime, require States of the 5+5 Dialogue to adopt “a common, coherent and multidimensional vision”.

Stressing the imperative of working for “a peaceful resolution of crises and conflicts by avoiding the destructive military option and respecting the national sovereignty of States”, Mr. Kellil highlighted in this regard, the importance of the Dialogue 5+5 for governments and peoples on both sides of the western Mediterranean”.

Samira SALAH



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