Mali hails Algeria’s key role in its stability


During his visit to Algeria, Malian Prime Minister, Soumeylou Boubeye Maiga, on Saturday, said Algeria has always played a major role in stabilizing his country, Mali.

“Algeria has always played a major role in Mali’s stability and has intervened at least twice to help establishing inter-Malian peace talks, in 1992 and 2015”, Maiga told reporters as he started a two day visit to the North African nation.

What constitutes today the “cornerstone of Mali’s domestic and foreign policy is the peace and reconciliation agreement resulted in the peace process in which Algeria played a key role”.

The same official added that the relations between Mali and Algeria are based on a common history, pointing out that his visit aims at boosting bilateral relations in all fields.

It is worth highlighting that this is the first international trip of the Malian PM who was appointed to this position, on Dec. 30, 2017.

The Peace and Reconciliation Agreement, signed in its first phase, in May 2015, and its second phase, in June 2015, put an end to hostilities between the government and separatist armed movements, in northern Mali.

The agreement was reached by all Malian warrant parties in the capital Bamako after five rounds of UN-sponsored talks initiated, in July 2014, with an international mediation led by Algeria.

It should be noted that Algeria and Mali are active members at the Sahel Regional Chief of Staff Committee, which also includes Mauritania and Niger.

The committee was established in the Algerian town of Tamanrasset, on the border with Mali and Niger, in 2009, in a bid to coordinate efforts and exchange information on combating terrorism, organized crime and trafficking.

Samira SALAH




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