Merkel “would prefer new elections to leading minority government”


German chancellor said that she will run again after three-way coalition talks collapsed – but declared she will not get into bed with far-right AfD.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, said, today, she would prefer new elections to leading a minority government after talks about forming a three-way coalition collapsed overnight.

She said her plans do not include being chancellor in a minority government, meanwhile she claimed she would not be “dependent” on the far-right AfD party.

It is worth mentioning that Merkel’s attempt to build a coalition of her conservatives and two smaller parties collapsed, on Sunday.

For their parts, her partners in the outgoing government, the center-left Social Democrats, insisted on the other hand, on Monday, that they won’t renew the alliance after Merkel hemorrhaged support to the far-right following her policy of welcoming a million migrants to the country, in 2015.

Samira SALAH


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