Derbal calls to review some provisions of electoral code



The head of the High Independent Authority for Election Monitoring (HIISE) Abdelwahab Derbal called Thursday, in Algiers, “to open a  broad debate” with all the political partners on the electoral code to review some provisions and guarantee the respect of the electors’ choice.

Derbal said on the national radio that “certain provisions of the current electoral code need to be reviewed to ensure respect for the choice of voters”, citing in particular the provision on the threshold of 7% of votes that a party must obtain in legislative elections for the counting of the votes, a condition which, according to him, does not really reflect the choice of the voters.

“The vote is a mechanism that allows voters to choose the person they think is competent and the program that meets their interests, otherwise this operation is useless and elected bodies will not reflect the will of voters” , said the official, stressing the need to review the electoral code.

N.Houda Chabane



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