Berlin does not recognize the declaration of Catalonia’s independence


Germany said Friday it does not recognize the declaration of independence of Catalonia, according to a spokesman for the German Chancellor.

“The German government sees the worsening of the situation in Catalonia with concern. The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Spain are remain inviolable”, so the government “does not recognize such a declaration of independence”, affirmed on Twitter Steffen Seibert.

“The government supports the clear position of the Spanish Prime Minister in his desire to guarantee and restore the constitutional order,” he continues.

Berlin hopes that “all the parties involved privilege the dialogue so that the situation holds on”.

The Parliament of Catalonia on Friday passed a resolution declaring that the region becomes an “independent state taking the form of a republic”, an unprecedented break in Spain, to which Madrid has responded by placing the region under guardianship.

The head of the Spanish government Mariano Rajoy immediately reacted to the vote by promising on Twitter to “restore the legality” in Catalonia.



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