New security measures for passengers flying to “USA” to be set up


International airlines are expected to begin to set up new security measures gradually, on Thursday, for their flights to the United States, including more detailed interrogations for passengers, AFP reported on Wednesday.

According to the press service of Air France, these provisions will affect from next week all flights to the United States.

“This is an additional interrogation of passengers that conditions their access to the aircraft, at the request of the US authorities 100% of passengers departing from Paris and connecting passengers on Air France flights will complete this questionnaire Before boarding, beyond the questionnaire, we are also asked for additional security measures around the plane, cabin and hold, before departure, “the same source added.

Cathay Pacific said it would end the possibility for its passengers to the United States to check their luggage from home or outside the airport and would also conduct interviews at the boarding gates.

The companies indicated that passengers should plan to arrive earlier to accommodate delays that may be caused by these new measures.

Norwegian indicated that it would notify its passengers by SMS and that the check-in desks would be open four hours before the departure of the flight.

The US authorities have not commented on these measures but they intervene after President Trump issued a decree Tuesday ending a moratorium on the entry of refugees into the United States but now for 11 countries, virtually all mostly Muslim.

The US administration had previously banned computers and some cabin electronics on flights from several Middle East airports and tried to impose an entry ban for several countries but this measure is currently subject to legal remedies that prevent its application.

The White House said that the initiative aims to protect the country from acts of terrorism, but voices have been raised to denounce what appears to be indiscriminately targeting Muslims.



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