Germany: Security guards incite migrants to prostitution


Security agents working in migrant shelters managed by Berlin City Hall have incited refugees, including minors, to prostitute themselves, according to the German public television, provoking the indignation of the government.

“We need to take this information very seriously because abusing the plight of many refugees is unacceptable,” Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokeswoman “Steffen Seibert” said Wednesday.

“It would be morally wrong to force someone to prostitute themselves,” he added, the day after the broadcast of an investigation by the public channel ZDF.

ZDF has obtained testimonies from migrants and security agents working in a refugee home in Wilmersdorf, southwest of Berlin, confirming these acts.

“We are called by telling us I need a woman, or more generally a man, especially young people”.

The younger they are, the more expensive it is,” says face camera but face blurred an agent of ‘a home wishing’ that this system come to an end”.

According to him, these security agents, whose company is employed by the city of Berlin, receive a few tens of Euros by serving as matchmaker between migrant and client.

“There are many who prostitute themselves, they need money, and among them there are minors, around 16, even if they are not very numerous. I have no choice, “admits another agent.

His testimony is confirmed by Omar, a 20-year-old asylum seeker from the Wilmersdorf home, who has been a prostitute for several months.

“One day, a security guard came to me and asked,” Do you want to do business? “Make money? Of course, I told him. For love with a woman, you get 30 Euros, maybe 40, “he explained.

But most of his clients are finally men, usually older: “What can I do, I need this money, but my family must not know it.”

“We do not have any figures on the number of migrants who engage in prostitution, we follow about fifty in the Tiergarten (large Berlin park) but most are hidden, or on the internet”, entrusts to the AFP Diana Henniges, President of the Refugee Aid Association “Moabit Hilft!”

“The lack of space, promiscuity, social distress, dependence on drugs or money to be sent to the family remained in the country of origin: their reasons for prostitution are multiple”.

In 2015, several cases of abuse of asylum seekers in homes caused a wave of indignation in Germany. Several personal injury investigations against security guards are still ongoing.

The city of Berlin was strongly criticized in 2015 and 2016 for its deplorable reception of migrants who arrived in the tens of thousands during the migration crisis.


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