Over 5.600 terrorists return to their countries- Report


The return to their country of at least 5,600 terrorists residing in areas controlled by the terrorist group ISIS in Iraq and Syria represents a “huge challenge for security,” said a report, issued by Soufan center.

” So far, at least 5.600 citizens or residents of 33 countries have returned home. This represents a huge challenge for security and the police, “said the security think tank.

Indeed, the caliphate, proclaimed in 2014 ISIS astride Iraq and Syria with an area equal to Italy, lost 85% of its extent thanks to an unprecedented offensive led by forces backed by the United States or Russia.

For Soufan, on “the cohort of more than 40,000 foreigners from 110 countries who flocked to join ISIS before and after the proclamation of the caliphate in June 2014, it is inevitable that some will remain attached to a form of violent terrorism popularized by ISIS and el -Qaëda”.


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