Former US President “Carter” ready to meet the Korean unpredictable “Kim Jong-Un”


Former US President “Jimmy Carter” said he is ready to return to Pyongyang, as Donald Trump’s envoy in an interview, on Sunday, in the New York Times, despite North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s “unpredictable” personality, AFP reported on Sunday.

“Yes, I would go,” replied 93-year-old Carter, who would agree to carry out the mission on behalf of Trump, who has repeatedly criticized his Democratic predecessor of the White House.

“I also fear a crisis situation” between North Korea and the United States, said the former president, who has traveled to North Korea in the past to facilitate the release of US nationals.

“I do not know the intentions (of the North Korean leaders) because they want to save their regime, and we greatly overestimate China’s influence on North Korea, especially Kim Jong-Un, never returned, as far as I know, in China, “explained the 39th President of the United States (1977-1981).

Carter testified that he was available to Trump’s National Security Advisor, General HR McMaster.

In June 1994, Jimmy Carter made an unprecedented trip to North Korea. In October of the same year, three months after the death of Kim Il-Sung, succeeded by his son Kim Jong-Il, Pyongyang and Washington signed a bilateral agreement.

North Korea has pledged to freeze and dismantle its military nuclear program in exchange for building civilian reactors.



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