Spain- Catalonia: “We have reached a limit situation”, Spanish PM warns


“We have reached a limit situation” in Catalonia, Spanish Prime Minister “Mariano Rajoy” said, on Friday, to explain the exceptional measures, envisaged by Madrid to suspend the autonomy of this region in response to the referendum on independence, AFP reported.

“You will understand that it is difficult for a country, for an EU government, to trample the law, to stamp out the rule of law (…) by organizing a referendum” of self-determination despite its prohibition by justice, Rajoy said at the end of an EU summit in Brussels.

“You will understand that we have reached a limit situation,” he said.

“We have been very cautious, we have tried by all means not to reach a difficult situation,” insisted the head of the Spanish government, who refused to reveal the content of the measures his government must take Saturday to “return legality” and” institutional normality “in Catalonia.

By suspending the autonomy of the region, as envisaged by a article of the Constitution never used, Madrid hopes to take control of the situation in this region where 16% of Spaniards live.

Separatist President, Carles Puigdemont, warned, on Thursday, that the Catalan parliament could vote a unilateral declaration of independence for lack of dialogue with the central state.

A leader of the Socialist Party (PSOE), in opposition, confirmed Friday that the government was considering prioritizing early elections in Catalonia, taking over this competence.

These early elections to renew the regional Parliament, dominated since September 2015 by the separatists who had obtained 47.8% of the vote, could be organized in January 2018, according to the official, Carmen Calvo.

In Brussels, Mr Rajoy has assured the “support” of his European counterparts. He also recalled that the emergency measures envisaged were decided “in consultation” with the PSOE, the main opposition party, and the liberals of Ciudadanos, also in the opposition.

“The fundamental objective is to return to the application of the law, we cannot see a part of the country where the law does not apply, where the law does not exist,” he said.

“The government has made many attempts to break the stalemate,” he said, blaming the current crisis on separatist leaders.

“We came to this situation because they wanted us to come to this situation,” added Rajoy.


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