Algeria- Tourism: A study of 3 thermal springs to be launched in Djanet, soon


A study of three thermal springs in the region of “Tassili N’Ajjer” will be launched soon, said Saturday in Djanet province, the Minister of Tourism and Handicraft, Hassen Mermouri, APS reported.

“A study on the exploitation of three hot springs will soon be launched in the region of Tassili N’Ajjer, with a view to contributing to the propulsion of tourism activities in this region, with important tourist potential, classified as a World Heritage,” said Mr Mermouri, on a working visit and inspection in this delegated province, located 420 km from Illizi province.

Regarding the tourism investment component, the Minister announced the final adoption of the 100-hectare Tagharghart Tourism Expansion Plan, to accommodate six hotel structures, a capacity of accommodation once operational of 1,600 beds.

The Minister has also stressed “the need to create new tourist destinations in Tassili N’Ajjer and to work to promote them through media coverage”, while highlighting “the importance of domestic tourism development by attracting national tourists “.

He also said that “efforts are being made in coordination with the Ministry of Transport to reduce air transport tariffs to tourist destinations in the south of the country on a 50% scale.”

Mr Mermouri, in a meeting with tourism operators and partners in the sector of the delegated wilaya of Djanet, reiterated that “the sector will accompany them through the taking up of their concerns and the granting of facilities liable to boost tourism activities in the region “.

After inspecting Zelouaz craft center in Djanet, the first person in charge of the sector reassured the craftsmen that they will be accompanied, in particular, by marketing their products and allocating commercial premises before informing the conversion of the craft house, located in the center of the town of Djanet, into a center for the marketing of products and crafts.


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