Football: Expectations about Spain, Catalonia’s squad in case of secession


The French newspaper L’Equipe, and according to its expectations, has released both of Spain and Catalonia football, if the secession officially takes place.

L’equipe expected that Spain Football team will compete with: De Chia, Azbiliquita, Ramos, Nacho, Monreal, Koki, Iniesta, Asencio, Isco, Silva and Morata.

As for the squad of Catalonia: Casillas, Pelaren, Becky, Partera, Alba, Sergio Roberto, Sergio Busquets, Fabregas, Alex Vidal, Delofo and Gerard Moreno.

The secession of Catalonia from Spain has created a wide debate in the Spanish and international sports, due to the values of FC Barcelona and its players in the world of Football.


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