Spain: Catalan Regional President analyses the prosperous northeastern region’s future


Over 2,000,000 Catalan people voted, in Sunday’s referendum; 90 percent of whom voted “yes” to independence and 7.8 percent were against it, according to Catalan government data.

Carles Puigdemont, the Catalan Regional President has launched his analysis, regarding the prosperous northeastern region’s future, after a chaotic referendum that was ruled illegal by Spain’s Constitutional Court, in an extraordinary meeting with his cabinet.

The President has called the gathering at a time of heightened tension between the region and the Spanish State, with the possibility of a unilateral declaration of independence on the part of Catalonia.

Regional officials, gathered all together in this official meeting, to discuss the violence that occurred, on Sunday, when Spanish security forces entered in clashes with voters.

Sunday’s event in the Catalan region has pushed police to react. At least 800 people were hurt, some seriously, the Catalan Authorities said.

A vast protest, made by various groups has taken place, Monday, in central Barcelona against police violence.




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