Sbeiba – A festival under rhythm of songs and swords exhibitions


The inhabitants of the pearl of the Tassili N’Ajjer, Djanet, vibrated on Sunday under the rhythm and airs of the ancestral festival of “Sbeiba”, in an atmosphere rich of colors and sounds, through dances and songs from the secular heritage of the region.

Since the early hours of the day, the large esplanade of the town of Djanet, where this local festival takes place every year, has been the focal point of the many visitors and participants representing the two ksour neighbors and rivals of El-Mihane and Zelouaz, dressed in their finest traditional costumes.
“Sbeiba” gives rise to two phases of competition between the inhabitants of Zelouaz and El-Mihane, the first of which, during the morning, is dedicated to the ritual parade of the traditional costumes of the Targui man, and poetry of love, diatribe and panegyric, rhythmic to the rhythm of the Ganga.

In his  description of the feast, Sheikh Hassani a notable of the ksar of El-Mihane, said that the second period, the afternoon, is the highlight of the Sbeiba, because it gives rise, after the prayer of El-Asr, to an exhibition with swords forming a circle “Aghay N’Watay” (closing of the year), announcing the closing of this festival.

N.Houda Chabane




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