Social awareness courses for the benefit of Boumerdes pupils


The security services of the province of Boumerdes, in coordination with the Directorate of Education, have begun to provide courses to raise awareness of social vices, a statement from the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) said on Saturday.

The national security services have begun to provide awareness-raising courses for the students of the province of Boumerdes on the various social scourges including cybercrime, drug addiction. They referred to the protection of minors by introducing the toll-free number 104 for the protection of the category of children from the risk of disappearance and abduction, in addition to protecting the environment in order to protect pupils in the three cycles of education, the press release said.

This operation, which will be spread over the whole school year (2017-2018), will concern more than 120 educational establishments through the communes and the Daira of the provinces

These courses have been taught at the primary level: Mohamed Kerchou, primary Kaci Maamar, new EMS and Tidjelabine high school, Mohamed Laid Al-Khalifa high school, CEM Aissat Idir, primary Hocine Bayo and school private Iyad.

N.Houda Chabane



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