Iran named world’s third largest gas producer, International Energy Agency

Iran named world’s third largest gas producer, International Energy Agency

Iran has been ranked the world’s third largest producer of natural gas in 2016, said the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its latest report on the status of the global energy market, Press TV reported.


The IEA in its report said Iran had produced 190 billion cubic meters (bcm) of gas last year which it said was 5.3 percent of world’s total.

The agency in its report said the US and Russia were the leading gas producers over the same period adding that their outputs stood at 749 bcm (20.7 percent) and 644 bcm (17.7 percent), respectively.

The next top producers were Canada (174 bcm – 4.8 percent) and Qatar (165 bcm – 4.6 percent).

The IEA further in its report identified Iran as the world’s fifth producer of crude oil in 2016.  Top on the list in the same category was Saudi Arabia followed by Russia, the US and Canada.

On the same front, Iran’s total oil production in 2016 was 200 tonnes or 4.6 percent of a global total of 4,300 tonnes.

Saudi Arabia was the leading producer with 583 tonnes (13.5 percent) followed by Russia (546 tonnes – 12.6 percent), the US (537 tonnes – 12.4 percent) and Canada (220 tonnes – 5.1 percent).

Press TV.






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