Algerian storyteller “Mahi Seddik” delights Algerian community in London and Halifax

Algerian storyteller “Mahi Seddik” delights Algerian community in London and Halifax

Algerian professional storyteller and author Mahi Seddik delighted on Friday and Saturday evening, members of the Algerian community established in London and Halifax, with two storytelling shows.

Invited by “The National Algerian Center” (NAC), the artist who performs for the first time in the United Kingdom, presented stories that he draws from the Algerian oral heritage, before an audience composed of young people and children accompanied by their parents.

In London as in Halifax (northern England), he presented to an audience, “Habra Bent es’baa” (Habra the lion’s daughter), a moral tale, and “moula moula, the bird of good augur “, conveying a message of hope from Algeria.

Mahi resurrects the fables and tales transmitted from generation to generation, which have grown up with him. He aspires to transmit them to the younger generations of the Diaspora, he told the APS on the sidelines of the show.

The choice of a story to present is not left to chance; it is done according to the public. The artist tries to reconcile the Algerians living abroad with their original identity, according to his own words.

With only the word, the storyteller brings the members of the community closer together in a world where individualism reigns, brings people together in the same sphere, “a magic that is incapable of all modern combined technology ,” he said.

The storyteller has succeeded, in London and Halifax, in making his audience dream as they expressed their admiration by huge applause at the end of each narrative. And even if the two rooms were not filled, the two shows had the success expected by the organizers and by the storyteller himself.


N. Houda Chaabane.











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