Rule of law, main theme of World Conference on Constitutional Justice


The rule of law was the main theme of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice, held in Vilius in Lithuania, with the participation of 91 delegations of constitutional courts and similar institutions, including the Algerian delegation led by the head of the Constitutional Council Mourad Medelci ,APS reported.


The 4th Congress of the World Conference on Constitutional Justice on « The rule of law and constitutional justice in the modern world » is  organised by the Constitutional Court of Lithuania in cooperation with the European Commission for Democracy through Law (the ‘Venice Commission’).

It will bring together more than 450 representatives of constitutional justice institutions from all over the world who will discuss the concepts of the rule of law in different countries, the role of constitutional courts in ensuring the rule of law, the protection of constitutional human rights and the independence of constitutional courts.

N.Houda Chabane

Sources : APS –   Council of Europe



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